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Following are some of the problems logged in on our problem tracker for SAP FI/CO module. The covered topics are Configuration, MTO Process, MTS Process, Process Industries Process, Production order with Subcontracting, Repetitive Manufacturing Processes, Rework Production Order Process, Sales and operation planning, Others

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1. [Ticket No: 960] ATP Rule for Planned Orders :-

Hi Experts,

I have configured the ATP rule for Planned Orders. So I only want to check the component stock and Production Orders when running ATP check for the Parent Material.

In OPJJ, I only selected the following options.


Include Safety Stock : Ticked

Check without RLT : Ticked

Incl.production orders : X (Take all production Orders into account)


No other options or boxes have been selected


Also I have included the relevant Checking group in MRP 3 for the Parent Material (Checking Rule has been assigned to that Checking Group in Config) and also maintain the Plant Parameters for MRP (assign the checking rule to the plant)


So, For an example :

Parent : A

Components : B and C


Parent Material A has only 5 Planned Orders starting on same day 20.05.2014 each qty 5

Components B got stock 300

Components C got stock 1

When I ran ATP Check for the Parent material A using COHV, qty 1 has been allocated to all the planned orders as committed. Why is this happening ?


I also checked in CO09 for the Component Material C, and it says ATP Qty is only 1. I expected the system would allocate that stock 1 to one of the Orders but it seems to be not working as I expect.


Any explanations will be much appreciated as I haven't had a proper reply from SAP SCN site. I just want to know is there a possibility to apply the above rule to Planned Orders.


Kind regards,


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MTO Process
2. [Ticket No: 222] Back to Back Production Order :- How can I create the Production Order automatically and immediately after the creation of Sales Order. view answer...
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3. [Ticket No: 665] Production running at Local Time - Material DocumentDate/Time explanation :- Incident Summary Why is Material Document “created on date” is still showing UTC time. When user is in MYS and his SU01 default time zone setting is already set to UTC + 8. Analysis 1. MB51 Plant 1510 Movement Type : 101 Entry Date : 22.03.2012 Time of Entry : 16.00 to 18.00 3. MIGO Display Material Document 5013696392 [General] tab Document Date and Posting Date = 23.03.2012 (on financial side, the posting date is important not the posting time) 4. MIGO Display Material Document 5013696392 [] tab Created On = 22.03.2012 Date = 16:38 This is the UTC time, which is the document entry date and time. This is always fixed and defaulted from sap system and it cannot be changed 5. To check the financial posting date/time [FI Documents] Accounting Document 4000296294 Click on [Header] You will see that :- Document Date and Posting Date are 23.03.2012 (which is MYS date) Entry Date : 22.03.2012 (which is UTC date) Explanation Even though the document entry-date is 22.03.2012 16:38:22 but system is able to recognize the posting-date as 23.03.2012. SAP server resides in Germany, transaction time stamp which is the ‘entry date’ and ‘entry time’ would reflect the sap server cpu time. Posting Date would take the local network time, which is MYS date/time. Hope the above explanation meets your requirement. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUT MYS Production Control respond was Thanks for the explanation, but then how a user to check and generate a data report which based on MYS posting date AND time in SAP? MB51 the “Time of Entry” is still referring to GER time not MYS time, thus the user would still need to convert the date and time into GER UTC time in order to get the right information. we need to report the output and scanning performing by shiftly production operators Is there anyway to help Production Control to get rpt w''out doing manual calc view answer...
4. [Ticket No: 598] batch inconsistency :- There was batch inconsistency in the bacyh but user wants root cause for this. I have corrected this by using button in batch classification tab. Please help. Thanks Jitendra view answer...