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Following are some of the issues logged in on our issue tracker for SAP MM module. The covered topics are Purchasing, Configuration, Goods Receipt, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, Logistics Execution, Master Data-Vendor/Material/Purchase Info, Pricing in Purchasing, Stock Transfer, Third Party Process, Variant Configuration

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1. [Ticket No: 1111] PO cannot be released :-
Hello Guys,
A PO has been created using standard PO type instead of Service PO type and so it cannot be released. so please help me how to change the po type from standard to service? is it possible or we have to delete the po and create a new one?
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2. [Ticket No: 1107] hold po :-



Please let me know how I can find out all POs under hold

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3. [Ticket No: 1101] Subcontracting :-
 In subcontracting process, one of the child material is valuated through split valuation. As a result, during 'me2o' i am getting error enter valuation type of the material (Message no. M7347).
Please let me know where to specify this valuation type, in Material BOM or elsewhere?
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4. [Ticket No: 1087] Purchase :-
 Hello sir,
I want to block po in sap .
 how to block  po in sap please provide me tcode
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5. [Ticket No: 1079] Difference betwen frame work order&blanket po :-
 Hello sir,
I am confused in frame work order& blanket po please exlplain breifly
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6. [Ticket No: 1077] i am not able save po :-
 Hello sir.
I am not able to save to po.
Please find the attachemt for your reference
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7. [Ticket No: 1076] i am not able generate po :-
 Hello sir,
I am not able to generate  purchase order error showing, i attached screen shot.
Please help me
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8. [Ticket No: 1056] Account assignment Tab is supressed for Stock Mate :-
 I am facing a issue while creating purchase order for Stock Materials .
In ACC and Item categories i have kept blank .i have inputed the material number which is matined in the materrial master. the material type for that material is Raw materials. When i save the PO i cannot see the account assignment TAB .so as a user it is difficult to know fron]m which accounts its is using. 
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9. [Ticket No: 1049] Letter of credit configuration :-
 Can Anybody tell me me how to configure Letter of credit (LC) for import P.O.?
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10. [Ticket No: 1039] output type mismatch after releasing the PO :-
Hi all,

When a PO for a single plant is released one plant only, there is no issue. PO  had correct outputs  type before and after release. 

But when we create a PO with multiple line items , each line item belonging to different plant , then arises the issues,,, where after release of such type of PO the output type before release is different from that of after release  of PO.

The output types getting mixed up after release.....

what to do??

please help


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11. [Ticket No: 1028] Contract Currency Change :-
 Hi All,
I want to change Contract Currency. 
 I tried with  T code Mass  - Object type BUS2014 and execute - Fields tab  select  currency and  execute  - and give contract agreement number  and execute - give old currency and new currency - save. 
with this  contract currency is not changing and i am gettingthe message as 4610001380 : Change WAERS could not be effected.
I tried with MEKRE t code is changing the contract condition currency  but not contract currency.
Is it possible to change contract currency in standard process or we have to to go for z development. Please guide me on this.
Thanks in advance.
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12. [Ticket No: 1027] Error while creating PO Error"Net price must be gr :-
 Hi Everyone,
I have got error while creating a PO "Error "Net Price must be greater than 0" ", Try to Enter Net Price many time but after pressing enter it get empty / blank.
I have created Many POs with using same Material Master and Vendor Master, But i haven't created Purch Info Rec for the material, i have Pur Info Rec for Vendor with different material,
Please help me to resovle this issue,
Kind Regards,
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13. [Ticket No: 1018] Account Assignment in Purchase Requisition :-
 Hi There,
I am trying to create Purchase Requisition with account assignment but With out Material Master Record, Its a Procurment of Consumable Material. So In My Requisition the account assignment Catagory in K (Cost Center),
For using account assignment catagory in Pur Req, i have to metion Cost Center and GL Account in Account Assignment Tab of Item details, In my case i have enterd 4100(Cost Center) and systm automatically pick up GL account 40000 but it creat error and i tried lot of GL account sbut each time getting error,
Please anyone help  me regarding this, For ease reference Screen shot is attached.
Will Appriciate quick response ,
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14. [Ticket No: 1015] Message no. /SAPSLL/PLUGINR3001 While creating RFQ :-
 Hello Every one,
The subject error has been occure while i was going to save RFQ, Please anyone will help to solve this issue, For easy Reference screen short is attached.
Will appriciate positive response,
Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,
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15. [Ticket No: 1013] runtime error :-
i am getting run time error while saving normal PO like SAPSQL_INVALID_FIELDNAME ....
sshort dump has not been completely stored.
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16. [Ticket No: 1011] FSD Regarding New Layout of PO Form :-
Dear Naveen,
Please find attached new FSD for the development. In this FSD you have to develop a new layout of PO Form. For testing of this scenario Please note the PO reference number: 4500017499 
If any doubt regarding my FSD, Please let me know.
Kind Regards,
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17. [Ticket No: 1010] Document type in blanket Po :-
Below is my question 
Why we used FO"Framework Order" document type in Blanket Purchase Order? Is it to mention the Limits and Validity Period?
Prompt response will be highly apprciated,
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18. [Ticket No: 1002] hi how to check all open purchase orders in sap mm :-
 hi all
how to check all open purchase orders,
any standard way or method, or report  , or t code available.
looking for solution please
Best regards
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19. [Ticket No: 998] Creating raw materials :-
I am creating raw material and I get this message,
can you help?
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20. [Ticket No: 980] Termination during purchase order update :-
 We have a process where a DESADV IDOC is created from an inbound EDI
transmission.  This IDOC creates the inbound delivery against a Scheduling
Beginning last week, we have been receiving an error when processing one
particular material on an SA.  We have a job which reprocesses failed IDOC's
every 15 minutes (RBDMANI2). The most recent example is from an ASN that came
in last evening and is still trying to reprocess:

 Two sample spool logs for this job are attached.  It shows that we originally
received a warning about notification quantity followed by an error
"Termination during purchase order update".  Our buyer the issued a new JIT
release and the spool log now shows that the warning message is gone, but the
error still occurs.
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21. [Ticket No: 971] PO :-
 how to find open PO's list? Do you know any transaction or table to check this?
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22. [Ticket No: 968] Release Date :-
How release date trigger in PR after final release in sap mm?
we want after final release on that same date only release date will come on release date field.
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23. [Ticket No: 949] Hai :-
 when iam creating sub contarctiong po..mrp parameters are not mainted i got this eroor
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24. [Ticket No: 948] [Ticket No: 909] PR Cannot be released :- :-

Purchase requisition 30004 cannot be released
Message no. MEPO822..


I am keep trying my channges in Release Strategy Configurations but facing the same error.. cant find ,from where the error occures either from PR Customization or from Release Strategy..


Its very urgent,kindly do the needful

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25. [Ticket No: 909] PR Cannot be released :-

Purchase requisition 30004 cannot be released
Message no. MEPO822..


I am keep trying my channges in Release Strategy Configurations but facing the same error.. cant find ,from where the error occures either from PR Customization or from Release Strategy..


Its very urgent,kindly do the needful

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26. [Ticket No: 906] Functional Specification: Purchase Order History, :-
 Hi.. Here i am looking the possible & fine Functional Specification for dveloping a report on PO History or Print Format, rather in checking EKBE or in ME23n..
Client wants as report format, i m new to SAP,have knowledge but not in well.. 
Kindly help out..
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27. [Ticket No: 905] Purchasing organisation :-
 Hi guys can you tell me if there is some way using which when I am creatign a purchase order, I enter either the plant or the purchaisn organisation in its field and the list of only the assigned entity are populated for the other field.
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28. [Ticket No: 904] PO with error message :-
When I create a PO, the message in red comes up "valuation area not defined". Everthing was ok a few days ago, I was able to create a new POs without any problem. Where is the problem?
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29. [Ticket No: 898] Re: New Document Type :-
i have a created a new document type but i cannot use item category K, What am i missing?
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30. [Ticket No: 872] I am getting an Error 'Account Assignment Category' Missing while creating a PO :-
 I am getting an Error 'Account Assignment Category' Missing while creating a PO
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31. [Ticket No: 869] Ingo Update Button :-
When I am update the info button as 'A' after saving the quotation its automatically changing as 'B' or 'C' and I am facing problems when I am creating Po's. Please tell me how to come out of this.
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32. [Ticket No: 870] Info Update Button :-
When I am update the info button as 'A' after saving the quotation its automatically changing as 'B' or 'C' and I am facing problems when I am creating Po's. Please tell me how to come out of this.
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33. [Ticket No: 794] Error Message ME751 :- Hi, We r trying to create PO, when IDOC is being created we r getting error ME 751, PO doesnot exist. Can anybody give me the solution? view answer...
34. [Ticket No: 781] Report to show Purchase Order spent per country :- I want to get a report that shows purchase orders with countries as well. Like me2n is there any report that displays my requirement? view answer...
35. [Ticket No: 760] output determination :- hii all experts, can any body kindly provide a document of output determination for PO with "screenshots" it will be highly helpful for me, thanks in advance view answer...
36. [Ticket No: 750] update of inbound delivery in po :- hii experts, could any one let me know why inbound delivery is not getting updated in PO history tab in PO view answer...
37. [Ticket No: 744] bapi :- pls tell me standard process for create a new bapi or implement a bapi and how can i assign to standard object. view answer...
38. [Ticket No: 735] RFQ PROBLEM :- The Error is "Company code not assigned to country or country tocalculation procedure". view answer...
39. [Ticket No: 719] storage location based delivery address :- system error msg no when we put different storage location in 2 nd line item which is different from first in sap mm My requirement is to show storage location based delivery address , but after putting the 1st line item the delivery address , the system should not allow ,different storage location to enter in 2 nd line item and should throw an error msg. WHAT is the error msg no. kindly help me. view answer...
40. [Ticket No: 709] Re releasing procedure :- Dear Experts, How the Re releasing of PO/PR can be done after it get released. Senario:The craft man changes the number of material from 3 to 4 after it gets released from all authority and now i have to re trigger the releasing statergy again. Thanks in advance for the solution. view answer...
41. [Ticket No: 696] Can we do release procedure for item level how? :- Hi Chums, Can we do release procedure for item level how Thanks Charan view answer...
42. [Ticket No: 652] trouble shooting :- What are the best examples in MM that we solve the issues in trouble shooting....Plzz give the best examples in simple words.......Thanking you every one... view answer...
43. [Ticket No: 629] excise not captured in MIRO :- excise not captured in MIRO, pl help view answer...
44. [Ticket No: 628] Purchase order tracking in SAP MM :- I want to track a purchase order for delivery adherence (i.e., po date and delivery date) in a same sheet in SAP MM Module. To view for all Purchase orders. Hope the above the problem is clear. view answer...
45. [Ticket No: 601] CREATE RFQ :- Error while creating RFQ : company code not assigned to country or country to calculation procedure view answer...
46. [Ticket No: 551] sap mm purchasing :- Document has already been outputted (function not possible) view answer...
47. [Ticket No: 552] sap mm purchasing :- While creating a Vendor Master Record, I get the following message "Communication Error with the external Tax System (VERTEX_MS0018) , Message no. TAX_TXJCD864". This happens when I am using US in my street address. view answer...
48. [Ticket No: 550] sap mm purchasing :- Purchase Order :- The issue was that there were other POs being raised on the same vendor for the same item when an earlier order is pending. This can happen for overlapping deliveries. For instance, I have a scheduled delivery which will take say 3 months. 2 months down the line, I want to raise the next order for delivery 3 months down the line. The business requirement is that the person approving the PO should know which are the pending deliveries in the system. Can such a warning/error message be provided in SAP giving pending order status? view answer...
49. [Ticket No: 545] Purchase Order :- The issue was that there were other POs being raised on the same vendor for the same item when an earlier order is pending. This can happen for overlapping deliveries. For instance, I have a scheduled delivery which will take say 3 months. 2 months down the line, I want to raise the next order for delivery 3 months down the line. The business requirement is that the person approving the PO should know which are the pending deliveries in the system. Can such a warning/error message be provided in SAP giving pending order status? view answer...
50. [Ticket No: 424] Message no. ME175 :- Document has already been outputted (function not possible) Message no. ME175 view answer...
51. [Ticket No: 414] VERTEX_MS0018 :- Hi, While creating a Vendor Master Record, I get the following message "Communication Error with the external Tax System (VERTEX_MS0018) , Message no. TAX_TXJCD864". This happens when I am using US in my street address. Please help me to resolve. Thanks, Mansoor view answer...
52. [Ticket No: 1112] release startargy :-
after release a po,if i change base price it shoud ask for release again and if i change in condition type it shoudnot ask for release again.present condition if i change any price ,it is not asking for release again...automaticaly its relise
what can u do in confurgation
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53. [Ticket No: 1072] CUSTOMER NO FOR PLANT :-
right now i am doing thr configuration of STO, in that how to configure/create new CUSTOMER NO FOR PLANT.
When i was entered new no PCHE2, it shows error like Entry PCHE2 Does not exists in KNA1 (check entry)
error no; 00058
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54. [Ticket No: 1069] Link between document type NB and Transaction Code :-
Plz expalin the link between ME21N and NB doc type.
Example : My new doc type is ZNB , requirement is  PO  customizing doc type ZNB is trigger for Transaction Code ME21N .
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55. [Ticket No: 1068] Link between output type NEU and Transaction Code :-
 Plz expalin configuration of new out put type trigger for particular Transaction Code
EX: new output type ZNEU trigger for new transaction Code ZME22N
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56. [Ticket No: 1052] 551 movement type configuration :-
   GL/Ac is automatically posted. But user also emtered wrongly. I want made is as display only. How to do it?
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57. [Ticket No: 1008] New FSD regarding Subconracting :-
Dear Naveen,
Please find attached the new FSD for developement of programm and transaction code to generate the desired report.
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58. [Ticket No: 1006] Functional Specs :-
 Drear Naveen,
Please find attached the Functional Specs file for transactional code development. As this FS discussed with Faraz,
If you have any confusion about the logics, Please ask.
For your kind info i am using same system, i mean bought sap access from SAP Explore.
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59. [Ticket No: 965] Need SAP MM real time tickets :-
Hi all,
Can someone please share some real time tickets you faced and the solution you have given for it.
Thanks in advance.
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60. [Ticket No: 962] LSMW error :-

Dear Friends,


                  While uploading the data through LSMW i rescive the error the error is as follow:- 'Error when uploading file 'C:\MM3.txt' (Return Code = 2).




Message no. /SAPDMC/LSMW_OBJ_070010



I rescive the error while excute Read Data in LSMW.


Please Help.... Thanks in Advance....






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61. [Ticket No: 961] Material Master Data Migration :-
Hi there,
Can anyone help me regarding subject issue. A problem has been occur in specifing the file during the data migration of material master.
Screen shot is attached for ease reference
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62. [Ticket No: 931] Error in Enterprise Structure - Reg. :-
There is a run-time error is coming in  enterprise structure i.e. (THERE ARE INCONSISTENCIES IN LEDGER  8A (Profit center Accounting) (see long Text)
it was continously rotating not moving to next screen please check it sir
Thanking you
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63. [Ticket No: 838] GL account has not been assigned for RG23C AED in :-



I am trying to create Excise invoice using J1IS for Raw material, Ref Doc Type MATD....

while posting , getting the error "GL account has not been assigned for RG23C AED in customization", PLease let me know what configuration I am missing. and also which Transaction type I should use for this.



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64. [Ticket No: 758] configuration in sap mm :- how to configure purchase requition view answer...
65. [Ticket No: 752] how to configure :- Period 009/2012 is not open for account type S and G/L 799999 view answer...
66. [Ticket No: 749] period 009/2012 is not for account type S and G/L 799999 :- HI vidyadhri , i had checked in ob52 and mmpv. they exist in the period 009/2012. its same problem repeating view answer...
67. [Ticket No: 748] Period 009/2012 is not open for account type S and G/L 799999 :- Hi experts iam in sd. while iam stock posting in mb1c after entering material and stock qty it is displaying the above message "Period 009/2012 is not open for account type S and G/L 799999". kindly help me with configuration view answer...
68. [Ticket No: 700] how to write the functional specification :- how to write the functional specification explain with examples? view answer...
69. [Ticket No: 679] OBYC config :- 1.what are the accounting doc hits in sub cont process 2.what is a/c cat ref, a/c modifier, val group code, val cont & their function pls. reply back imdtly view answer...
70. [Ticket No: 651] Debugging in ABAP :- hi, I want to know how to debug the program in ABAP. view answer...
71. [Ticket No: 650] field selection procedure :- hi experts i wanted to know know how do u work with field selection procedure help me out with screen shots if u can view answer...
72. [Ticket No: 495] Delivery - picking stock from quality inspection :- In STO delivery stock picking should be done from quality inspection in case stock is not available in unrestricted. Kindly let me know if there is any configurations to be set to fullfil this requirement. view answer...
73. [Ticket No: 434] MIRO-No (suitable) item found for purchase order 4500017177 :- MIRO- AS WE ENTERED AFTER PURCHASE ORDER MESSAGE SHOWS THE "No (suitable) item found for purchase order 4500017177" view answer...
74. [Ticket No: 266] SAP MM Tables :- Can any help me in providing the list of MM tables along with its T-codes view answer...
Goods Receipt
75. [Ticket No: 1103] components can't be with draw from special stock p :-
 hi i am facing a problem in subcontract at 101 mov type, and the error is
"components can't be withdraw from special stock p" error masg no M7223"
please let me know how to solve this
i was crated the materail finished product, and i have stock of raw materail in unrestricted to use stock
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76. [Ticket No: 1085] Inbound delivery. :-
 Hello Sir,
Please explain me inbound delivery in sap mm
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77. [Ticket No: 1084] migo :-
 Hello Sir,
please provide migo table in sap mm .
I try but not satasified answer
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78. [Ticket No: 1082] cancel entry of migo :-
 Hello Sir,
how to cancel entry of migo .
Please share tcode of cancel entry.
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i was recived 100 pipes as ASSET (immidiate use) and material is NON STOCK material, in that i was uesd only 80 PIPES.
What about remain 20 PIPES ?
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80. [Ticket No: 1073] GR WITH CONSIGNMENT PROCESS :-
 Hi i am facing problem  with consignment  process  gr 101+k
i was created inforecord with: plant; che2, pur org: che1,  company code: 0001,  pur org assigned to plant and comppany code. aandd material is  ceatedd with out saless views.
problem: when i doing GOODS RECIPT with 101 MOVMMENT TYPE, it  shows the error "INFO RECORD NOT FOUND IN PUR ORG 0001"
why  it is showing like this, what is the reeason, and what  is link between  CHE1  AND  0001 PUUR ORG,
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81. [Ticket No: 1065] Delivery date and GR date in one report :-
 In which SAP report I can get both committed delivery date and actual GR date?
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82. [Ticket No: 1046] How to Return Material To Vendor through 161 movem :-
 Kindly post detail setting
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83. [Ticket No: 1000] Not Able to Post GR :-
 When I am Posting GR i am getting the error as " Account determination for entry SR01 BSX ____ ___ V003 not possible"  and When i am doing GR and Checking its giving mesage as Document OK. But accounting side its giving Problem.
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84. [Ticket No: 981] MM-FI Integration :Unable to Post GR due to GL err :-
Trying to Post : Delivery of Material : GR in Purchase Order but errors occurs in GRPO under MIGO.
Error 1 : Please select an instance of compliance with shipping instructions    
Solved : Under Purchase Order Data for Shipplng Instructions, selected the first option for shipping instructions.
Error 2 : Posting only possible in periods 2014/08 and 2014/07 in company code 
Solved : Change the posting date.
Error 3 : G/L account 191198 does not exist in chart of accounts INT  
Still trying to resolve this issue......attached screen image.
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85. [Ticket No: 978] Missing Field :-
We had a support pack upgrade in our system, since then when i do GR for mvt 501, i'm missing the profit center field under account assignment. I have checked the related field status group settings for movement type, G/L and Material. weuse three systems Dev, quality and prod. dev and quality had the support pck upgrade, but not the prod. so we have also compared the settings between prod and quality, all customizations settings are same no changes whatsoever. Help please.......
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86. [Ticket No: 972] Gr not taking po number :-
when genrating gr i'm getting error :" Account determination for ACIA BSX is not possible "
how to solve this
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87. [Ticket No: 956] Having issues posting good receipt :-
 i am having issues posting my goods receipt and the error messege popping up is that: 
for object RF_BELEG DAD1 Number range interval KR does not exist FBN1.
how to solve this issue?
also please find attached a screen shot in a word document of what is on my screen at time of error.
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88. [Ticket No: 946] hi :-
 plese send me some medium priorty of real time tickets
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89. [Ticket No: 827] Delivery date & GRN in one report :- For Perodic Vendor Evaluation I Need a report which will give PO Delivery Date & Actual GRN date in one sheet view answer...
90. [Ticket No: 815] GRN is not possible showing the msg - PU GR STOCK EXCEEDED BY 45 PC :- GRN is not possible showing the msg - PU GR STOCK EXCEEDED BY 45 PC view answer...
91. [Ticket No: 799] GR :- No Delivery Costs Exits For PO XXXX 00000 view answer...
92. [Ticket No: 783] me21n :- creating purchase order view answer...
93. [Ticket No: 778] NO document :- i am able to post the GRN number also generating from the SAP but there is no information of the GRN in the document number or it is updating in the stock for only 2 material ID rest of the material no problem view answer...
94. [Ticket No: 770] INVOICE RESOLUTION :- Goods Reciept is reflecting in clients system AS/400 but not in to resolve this issue?? view answer...
95. [Ticket No: 736] MIRO :- while doing MIRO error " No range 51 is missing for the year 2012".while correcting the error through t code FBN1 2ND error is coming" no intervals are free/intervals over laping". view answer...
96. [Ticket No: 649] GR Process Flow :- Hi, I want to know the detailed process flow of SAP GR. view answer...
97. [Ticket No: 504] MIGO :- I want to do the 2 migo for one dilevery? Either this is possible or not? IF yes than how? view answer...
98. [Ticket No: 477] How To Trak the PO InTransit :- How To Track the PO In Transit and check the status view answer...
99. [Ticket No: 457] Error Message when trying to change a Plnd Order to a Process Order :- Error Message: "no task list for 04 for auto task list selection found" Can someone tell me what I''m doing wrong. Thanks! view answer...
100. [Ticket No: 423] Message no. ME175 on SAP MM :- When we want to derelease the released PO through me29n ,then it gives error message :- "Document has already been outputted (function not possible)." Message no. ME175 view answer...
101. [Ticket No: 384] Compression Error :- Hi all I am using ECC 6.0 version. I am facing "ECC : Compression error [rc=0] - program will be terminated" error while doing MIGO activities like GR, GI, etc.. I am unable to practice further. Pls guide me view answer...
102. [Ticket No: 310] Factory Calendar after the end of the valid Factory Calendar :- Factory Calendar after the end of the valid Factory Calendar Problem faced at the time of MIGO. view answer...
103. [Ticket No: 288] error during MIGO_GR :- when we are posting Migo_gr than error msg shown " Posting only possible in period 9999/11 and 0000/00 in company code 1900. But we want to do posting the material in month of August 2010. Can anyone suggest me hw we can change current period . view answer...
Inventory Management
104. [Ticket No: 1009] Inventory material code with GL code dump accordin :-
Required help on , Inventory material code with GL code dump according to plant code
if any T-Code . Please share or guide how to get the details 
view answer...
105. [Ticket No: 977] FICO question. :-
I am trying to do MIGO and I am getting this message,
do I need to change price from S to V?
PO 4500019386,
Period 008/2014 is not open for account type S and G/L 191100
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106. [Ticket No: 919] Error :-
While posting Goods Receipts with ref to PO, when click post button after  get verified Document item OK, Its does not generate the material document number, it shows some RUN TIME error:
   Runtime Errors : MESSAGE_TYPE_X
Date and Time : 31.12.2013   11.57.24
short dump has not been  completelystored (too big)
Can u help me regarding this error?
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107. [Ticket No: 829] po short closing autumatically :- Can you Tell me reason behind short closing of po''s automatically./ view answer...
108. [Ticket No: 476] Asset Movement :- We issue a lot of assets to our vendors example Patterns to Foundries ; Jigs and Fixtures to machining vendors IN SAP where I can get a list of assets lying at the vendors end Vendor wise. Thnks Kamlesh view answer...
109. [Ticket No: 287] Assign of one material in two plant in different company :- i have created material code 689 & 690 in plant v19 in company code 1900 . After that we have to decide we will create another company code 1901 with plant G19 . But we have use both material in plant G19 in company code 1901 . Can any one suggest me how we will assign? view answer...
110. [Ticket No: 283] Delivery in SAP :- When we select multiple requirements and generate delivery, we get 1 delivery per material as against 1 single delivery for all selected items. view answer...
Invoice Verification
111. [Ticket No: 1096] Value taking extra amoun :-
Amount capuring in po is corret but while doing MIRO extra 250 rs added in amount.
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112. [Ticket No: 1091] How to calculate the probability that invoice will :-
 How to calculate the probability that invoice will be blocked stochastically?
For example -
Threshold Value - 10000
Percentage - 40
Invoice with value = 7500.
What is the probability that invoice will be blocked stochastically?
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113. [Ticket No: 1088] condition processing not possible for items with m :-


This item is subject to multiple account assignment. The system does not allow you to branch to the conditions.

System Response



To enter or change the amount, you must branch to the account assignment screen.




The above is the error am facing. please advise.

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114. [Ticket No: 1075] Issue in MIRO reversal :-
I have a issue regarding MR8M, whenever i reverse a entry there vendor account is credited properly but the vat tax account amount is increased and some amount is posted in PRD. Please help.The posting date and document date of both MIRO and MR8M is same. and also i have checked the exchange rate there is no difference.
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115. [Ticket No: 1047] MIRO - Base line date for payment does not exist :-
 Hi ALL,
When  my user posting the MIRO, he is getting error as Base line date for payment does not exits.
Payment terms in  PO and Invoice are same. 
When i am doing MIRo with same vendor and material i am able to post  in quality and Dev. 
What are all the settings i have to check please let me know.
Its a hight prioruty.
Thanks in Advance
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116. [Ticket No: 955] Error in MIRO (Bill Passing) - Account 410251 req :-

We are facing problem  “ Account 410251 requires an assignment to a CO object “ error in MIRO (Bill Passing) .


GL Code 410251 is Price Difference GL for adjust Small amount difference in bills.


Please find screen shot for the error with OKB9 entries.

Please give us solution.



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117. [Ticket No: 907] Invoice verification :-
 I want to know the exact meaning of credit memo, and where its used?
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118. [Ticket No: 899] Able to pay blocked invoice through F-53 :-
 Hi All,
I have set payment block B 'blocked for payment' while posting invoice through MIRO. I can see the payment block B in the acounting document as well but still able to make payment through F-53 for the said vendor. Why system is not throwing error while making payment through F-53??? Any configuration missing for payment block? 
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119. [Ticket No: 824] No (suitable )item found for purchase order 2012000030 :- Hi Expert, User created a PO with QTY 100 EA and fully GRN. When he tried to perform logistic invoice by parking using MIR7 user encountered above information message "No (suitable )item found for purchase order 2012000030" in a pop-up window and unable to do Invoice. Please let us know what could be the reason. Thanks! view answer...
120. [Ticket No: 805] LIMIT PO invoive verification :- Hi, when i m making invoice V for limit PO, it allow me to do for more than overall limit value without any warning or error. kindly help me. how to restrict IV to not allow more then limit po value view answer...
121. [Ticket No: 708] CIN :- i am not able to implement CIN view answer...
122. [Ticket No: 693] MRRL and MIRO Inv value mismatch :- 1. We are creating PO based on ERS terms. 2. Goods receipt [ 103 & 105 ] 3. At the time of Excise Capture & Post for testing we increase or decrease excise value & post the same. 4. If we clear invoice through MIRO it picks up changed data same [change in excise] 5. But if we clear invoice through MRRL [ ERS ] it picks up data same as per Purchase order. view answer...
Master Data-Vendor/Material/Purchase Info
123. [Ticket No: 1116] how to search those Articles with no open transact :-
 how to search those Articles with no open transaction (No open SO, PO and STO, no inventory)? Thank you in advance!
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when i was tried to create material by using MM01, short text in basic data view is not editable for industry sector and material combination. what is the field ref tomake it editable
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125. [Ticket No: 1078] RAW MATERIAL purchasing process with EDI :-
i want purchase a raw material with EDI PROCESS can any one explian it in detail?
and consignmint purchasing process with EDI?
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126. [Ticket No: 1036] Vendor for PO :-
I have many vendors in source list.But in PO I want one vendor only.How to do it?
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127. [Ticket No: 999] info record :-
I have trying to create an info record but i keep getting a message which says Purchasing organisation not responsible for plant. Does any one know how this can be resolved?
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128. [Ticket No: 975] Partner Role :-
 Hi friends,
Can any one know how to configure the settings for partner role.
My issue is when vendor master is created with different partner functions like GS, VN or IP,
while maintaining partner function we select manually VN, GS or IP but user wanted it should come automatically when he enters the vendor number. what is procedure the do this settings in configuration.
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129. [Ticket No: 930] MATERIAL MASTER RECORD - REG :-
 please explain brefiely on material records no ranges in screen shots
next one whlie running MR21 it is giving error msg as POSTING PERIODS NOT OPEN ERROR MSG PLEASE SOLVE THE ISSUES
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130. [Ticket No: 912] How to edit the storage location.? :-
I want to change the storage location in material Master Record because of wrong input of storage location, how to delete this and place the correct storage location?
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131. [Ticket No: 896] MMBE :-
 What is the difference between mmbe and mb52?
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132. [Ticket No: 762] in term of scrolling in sap :- Any one has know scrolling in sap, or what is scrolling or in term of scrolling in sap. regards, view answer...
134. [Ticket No: 537] vendor master creation error :- Communication error with the external tax system (STO) Message no. TAX_TXJCD864 Kindly look iinto the matter and advise the solution. view answer...
135. [Ticket No: 494] opening stock for the month of march-2011 :- What to recollect all data like purchase as on dated 31/03/11, sale from opening stock till date against grn . Please provide us T code for all relent to corelate in stock statment. Regards Prabhunath view answer...
136. [Ticket No: 449] Issues and tickets :- Hello Experts, I want to know issues and tickets in all Master datas and procurment cycle and special process..?? Please help me out view answer...
137. [Ticket No: 412] view table field from structure :- * i need to get data feild in some transaction , go to perticuler transaction and press F1 * whether it is structure , i need to findout which table and feild that value is going to Hit. * eg - po dilivery date tcode me23n press f1 in dilivery date feild - MEPO1320-EEIND so i need to find ,which table that value is going to hit.... view answer...
138. [Ticket No: 212] Cannot Save the Vendor Master- Error message in field lfa1-stceg :- Hi , I Cannot Save the Vendor Master- Error message in field lfa1-stceg. Please advise asap view answer...
Pricing in Purchasing
139. [Ticket No: 1099] Net Price is less in PO, as it is hif :-
 Hi, The Price while creating PO is coming 309 which is  lesser than the amount mentained in MAP of material master Record (that is 323.33). and the Net price is blocked in Item overview line.
In Item details at Condition Tab the conditions ZPC1 and ZFRT are freezed.
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140. [Ticket No: 1090] Calculation schema working :-
 how to calculate effective price in calculation schema?
If PB00 =1000
discout = 10%
frieght amount = 200
cash discpunt = 5%
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141. [Ticket No: 1066] PRICING PROCEDURE :-
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142. [Ticket No: 1045] need clarification on pricing and release procedur :-
Hi anyone can share the doc that explane pricing and rlease procedure with complete configuration.
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143. [Ticket No: 1041] Calculation schema :-
 A vendor offers you a material at a gross price (PB00) of EUR 1200, In addition the vendor gives you a 15% discount (RB01) and 5% cash discount (STKO). The vendor charge an absolute freight amount 90.What is the efective price if you use the calculation schema shown in the attached graphic? 
EUR 1042
EUR 1050
EUR 1059
EUR 1032
what is the correct answer?
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144. [Ticket No: 821] pricing :- can any one plz explaina how exactly the pricing procedure will be triggered in mm? view answer...
145. [Ticket No: 818] Facing problem to create pricing procedure :- please provide me the complete structure how to create Pricing procesdure in MM and if u dont mind please mail me view answer...
146. [Ticket No: 772] price is not updated for the condition type :- we have created a po in which the condition types that are to be updated are some ztypes like zpb2, zcmp,zc01.. bt wats happening is the price for zpb2, zc01 is getting updated and zcmp is not getting updated...... could anyone tell me a solution for this......... few more information regarding this is zcmp has no access sequence, condition record and pricing still wen i m opening the condition record for zpb2, m able to c all the three condition types......... view answer...
147. [Ticket No: 353] Pricing re-determined in PO :- Does anyone know why the net price in a PO is redetermined based on the per unit value and quantity.Eg: price equals $5 per 1 unit - but the quantity is 0.0432. In this case the price in the PO line item is recalculated and NOT shown as $5 (which is in the condition record) view answer...
Stock Transfer
148. [Ticket No: 830] Average Monthly Consumption - MD04 :- Hi All, Is it possible to add the fields with average monthly consumption from last 12 months and summarized current needs in MD04. Please help me in solving this. This is very urgent. view answer...
149. [Ticket No: 706] Error in STO :- Hi Experts, I am doing STO from one co-cd to another co-cd without SD & without Billing. When I am doing transfer posting I am getting an error that vendor is not defined in co-cd. (Msg: F5104). I already create a plant as a vendor then alos I am getting same error. Can u please tell me how to solve this issue. Regards, Zafar. view answer...
151. [Ticket No: 618] already extract excise. :- I have already extract RG1 register and STO process pass aginst movemnt type 351 and J1Is -> then in J1Iv passed agaisnt material document. but still RG1 register is not updating... If there is some configuration problem then plz guide me. Regards, S. Rajesh view answer...
152. [Ticket No: 616] RG1 is not updating in STO PROCESS :- Hi, I am going to STO process through MM route, and for excise purpose I have maintain no. ranges also, but excise register is not updating and when i m trying to get rg1 register report, system is showing blank screen. Plz take on urgent basis (Very High Priority). While I have passed the entry for Excise. For STO I have to enter the Excise Invoice through J1IS with reference to the Material document created. I have extract RG1 and when i m going to update register through J1I5 then system says like "no enough balance for utilisation", may be I am puting wrong detail in classification in J1I5. Regards, Rajesh Soni view answer...
153. [Ticket No: 613] excise register not updating (very high priority) :- Hi, I am going to STO process through MM route, and for excise purpose I have maintain no. ranges also, but excise register is not updating and when i m trying to get rg1 register report, system is showing blank screen. Plz take on urgent basis (Very High Priority) Regards, Rajesh view answer...
154. [Ticket No: 566] Stock Transfer enty :- Sir, How will raise STO in SAP 720 view answer...
155. [Ticket No: 565] sto deliverey problem :- Hi Sapdude, I did manage to proceed to next level after check assignment of document type, however i am still not completely out of woods. I have attached a file with screen shots to make you understand the problem. I guess we are not too far away from cracking it. kindly check and let me know. Thanks Rohit view answer...
156. [Ticket No: 482] Stock transport order :- how to create a STO from one company code to another.Pls explain step by step. view answer...
157. [Ticket No: 311] UOM at STO PO changed :- Hi Gurus, UOM of Material Master is maintained at KG. Alternative unit is No. when doing Inter company STO system is taking No. instead of KG as UOM. Kindly solve. view answer...
Third Party Process
158. [Ticket No: 395] sap mm :- hot to create third party transfer in sap ,, view answer...
159. [Ticket No: 317] OUTBOUND DELIVERY :- MD04 displays Customer order with available inventory within shipping window. Back order screen shows available inventory committed to Customer order. Problem: unable to create "outbound delivery" via VL10G, using customer sales order number....why? THX IN ADVANCE FOR ALL YOUR HELP. view answer...
Variant Configuration
160. [Ticket No: 779] Variant configuration :- how to create variant in SAP MM module view answer...
161. [Ticket No: 746] CIN MM :- Can some one post CIN configuration Settings view answer...
163. [Ticket No: 315] Ticket No: 266 :- SAP MM Tables :- Can any help me in providing the list of MM tables along with its T-codes view answer...
164. [Ticket No: 1114] Actual GR time taken :-
In which report I can see the actual time taken for Finished goods release (Actual GR time taken) for a given range of time let's say from 01.01.2017 to 01.12.2017
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165. [Ticket No: 1092] Update terminated in ME22N :-
 Hi All,
I am getting an error while saving Purchase Order"Update Terminated" in ME22N
please provide some guidelines how to rectify this?
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166. [Ticket No: 1086] Test case format :-
 Hello Sir,
Please provide me sap  test cases  format
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167. [Ticket No: 1083] how to reversal enrty in miro :-
 Hello Sir,
I want know to miro reverasl entry in sap mm.
Please provide tecode &steps.
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168. [Ticket No: 1081] issue :-
 Hello Team,
Please tell me which issue customer send to consultant
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169. [Ticket No: 1080] miro :-
 Hello Sir,
I am not able save miro i also attached screen shot  please help me.
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170. [Ticket No: 1071] implimentation :-
 what do you mean by implimentation, explain it indetails?
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171. [Ticket No: 1070] PROJECT :-
i was trained on SAP MM, if any one have the dummy projects, please post to me, it will help a lot to me
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172. [Ticket No: 1064] Need some real time support issues urgently :-
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173. [Ticket No: 1063] SCHEDULING AGREEMENT :-
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174. [Ticket No: 1051] subcontracting and consignment process :-
when ever we are doing  subcontracting and consignment process then I am get that error above file attached Error i just go to check  OBY6 and  OX02 but still issues not solve 
Nishanth Raghavan
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175. [Ticket No: 1048] Sch Agreement /PO output :-
 What are the config steps for Scheduling agreement  / PO output
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176. [Ticket No: 1020] IDES access - second ticket :-
Its been more than 24 hrs since I made the payment for access and as per the policy I should have got access by now. 
Please provide me the access asap as I am in middle of checking something and need it pretty urgent.
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177. [Ticket No: 1019] IDES access :-
This order # ORD150 has not yet been processesd. I would like to know by when would this order to processesed and when I will start getting access to SAP.
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178. [Ticket No: 917] Can any one answer me about scrolling no. :-
Can any one answer me srolling no. reference to PO and how can use means how to controll on GR IR.
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179. [Ticket No: 897] Purchase Order Creation :-
I am not able to create a new Purchase Order. It gives me the error - Import data incomplete or does not exist. Please see the attached file for exact error description.
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180. [Ticket No: 877] Multiple Account Assignment :-
When PO is created with two account assignments then after GR there is no cost showing in CJI3 and PO history shows GR with zero value.
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181. [Ticket No: 874] Account determination for entry CAGB BSX 0005 ___ 3100 not possible :-
I am getting an errror - 

Account determination for entry CAGB BSX 0005 ___ 3100 not possible

Please advise
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182. [Ticket No: 862] demand of materials :-
We are having one assembly part which we are procuring from X supplier. Assembly contains 5 parts.
We are importing 2 parts and selling to X supplier. Supplier himself producing 2 parts and 1 part procuring from market.
We want to plan requirement for 2 import part through MRP.
Kindly confirm how to maintain this all process in SAP.
We want to create standard PO to the supplier. Dont want to create the subcon PR.
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