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1. [Ticket No: 1093] Certification questions :-
Hi There,
My subscription to the certification questions training for BW BI has expired and I would like to renew it but I don't have any access to the renewal process. Please can you tell how I can proceed.
Thank you,
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2. [Ticket No: 1053] BI 7.3 Access - ORD#171 :-
It has been more than 24 hours since I have paid for the access but still did not get the login details. According to the policy i should have received it with in 24 hours.
I sent you text messages and emails in this regard but I did not get any reply nor the log in details.
I have seen several others had the same issue. So please improve your service or change your policy as otherwise it is misleading.
I wanted this access for an urgent matter but if I dont get the access within the next couple of hours, I have buy it from somebody else.
Hope you will get this solved quickly.
Thilina Gamage
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3. [Ticket No: 1040] BW/ BI 7.0 certification quesions :-
 Hi Everybody,
Can somebody please tell me BW / BI certification question on this web is enough for exam, if not can some body tell me any additional material please.
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4. [Ticket No: 1031] Material and Plant number as discussed in Saturday :-
Hi Faraz,
As discussed the ECC system we have a access to doesnt have a valid material and plant number for us to pull the report on. You said that you will be able to provide us with some informartion that will allow us to generate the report on the plant and material number
The ECC system we have a access to to is E22 client 003
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5. [Ticket No: 1005] Differences of 'dynamic and static snapshots'. :-
Have any body any research about 'dynamic and static snapshots'? Please share your knowledge for a better undestanding of the attched certfication question.
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6. [Ticket No: 1001] Certi Exam\confusing question -set 3 :-
Could you confirm the answer of the attched question is correct? I thought there were more than one right answer.
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7. [Ticket No: 991] ANSWER ASAP PLEASE :-
1.Reduce memory consumption of OLAP Cache is one of the kef benefits of using BI accelerator?
2. Your cosumer needs a way to make integrationg planning more felxible. you have suggested variables which of the following comments regarding variables is true?
a) users can personalize their variable values and save them as variants
b) variables created in filters can also be used in queries. therefore they are sharable objects and resulting less configuration
c)a selling point of variables used indata slices and characteristic relationship is that they "pop-up" . These allows the user to make their own derivation or data lock selection.
d) they parameterize characteristic values in filters, queries, functions, characteristic relationship and data slices 
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8. [Ticket No: 990] Part 4 is redirecting me to part 1 :-
When I open Part 4, it is writen in the left corner "Part 1"
Is a mistake of writing part one instead of part 4 or is an error in the system?
Demo Part is still not solved... it still blocks at the last question and u cannot move forward. even if you put the right answer it says you put the wrong answer and it gives you the correct answers (which you also have checked them)
Look forward to hearing from you 
Thank you
Kind Regards,
Ana Maria
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9. [Ticket No: 985] BI Learn Mode - Part 3 question stucked :-
While practicing the part 3 questions, I was stucked at that question where the answers given by the system were the answers from the previous question and it didn't allow me to attempt further questions...
May I ask... why are this problems still there if people are buying the questions so they can practice for the exam?
When would this problems be solved so we can continue practicing?
How many questiosn should be in total per part one, part 2, part 3, part 4?
Kindly help.
Thank you!
Kind Regards,
Ana Maria
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10. [Ticket No: 970] regarding my order :-

hi sapexplore team,

actually i hve paid for the certification questions on saturday evening and i hvent received nything under my tutorials tab. just wondering how long does it take to get that updated??

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11. [Ticket No: 943] BW Questions :-
I am trying to buy this set of BW question but it wont let me go to the cart and futher on !
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12. [Ticket No: 942] Cannot access certified bw questions :-
I have paid for the cetified bw questions but have not been sent an email on where to access the questions
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13. [Ticket No: 856] Unable to modify process chain in production system :-


I think this is common question. But in my case it looks different.


I am not able to modify the process chain in production system. It says "non-modifiable".


I tried Object changeability setting to "changeable originals" for process chains, start variant, process varaint in Transport connection.


But no luck. Still im getting the same error.


I tried to log-off and log-in again. But no luck.


Kindly provide your inputs to resolve this issue.


User id has SAP_ALL profile.

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14. [Ticket No: 983] BI Learn Mode - Demo question stucked :-
While practicing the demo questions, I was stucked on one of the quesions even answering them right. and it didn't allow me to attempt further questions.
Kindly help.
Thank you!
Kind Regards,
Ana Maria
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15. [Ticket No: 997] Problems with the multiple choice AGAIN :-
Can you please check all the package with all the errors that u provide for 15pounds and make sure you provide questions with correct answers.
Please try to check the errors as soon as possible.
Thank you!
Kind Regards,
Ana Maria
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16. [Ticket No: 993] Urgent 2 :-
 these are the others errrors that I have found.
Can I get an answer today, please???
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17. [Ticket No: 992] URGENT :-
I have attached there the errors that I found.
Please let me know as soon as you had a look. 
I'm very confused...
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
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18. [Ticket No: 940] installing objects from infocubes :-
I need assistant urgently to complete my task in the project and not sure what to do. i
Please let me know what is the best option here. Here is error message below:

The delivery overwrites the selected objects
Do you want to overwrite the objects you selected?

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19. [Ticket No: 903] company code (0plant_0comp_Code) missing in the In :-
This is Clement, the only BI member in the Internship TeamA. 
On page six of the BI Analytic Blue print, task 2.2 Changing InfoCube, step 1 to 6 cannot be completed due to the fact that Company Code 0plant_0comp_Code cannot be found.
Please get back to me asap since I'm supposed to finish this work by tomorrow.
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20. [Ticket No: 889] Real Time Issue : Data Transfer Process load from :-
We have transported a flow of loading from one cube to a copy cube from the quality system to production system.
The amount of data is not huge however the DTP keeps running yellow status.
I noticed after transport that the process chain for loading the cube has been running twice, one process of DTP execution in one chain and deleting the index in the other one . I cancelled and terminated the process for one chain through SM50 , is this the reason the DTP was not working . Will transporting the flow again from the quality system resolve the solution.
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21. [Ticket No: 888] SAP BI Can we do remodelling on DSO. :-
In  need to populate data in the DSO for a new charactersitics that is added in the DSO , can the  SAP BI remodelling tool used for this DSO to populate the data for this DSO .
 The DSO has historical data that has been already loaded .. Can somebody help me with a soution.
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22. [Ticket No: 861] Error activating infoobject :-
 There are a couple of infoobjects, 0COMP_CODE & 0CO_AREA on a SAP IDES system that are saved but inactive. I want to use them in a DSO. When I try to activate them, I'm getting an error "Error deleting document property /BI0/0COMP_CODE", or a similar error for 0CO_AREA. I searched this forum but wasn't able to find anything helpful. Please advise as to how I can resolve this.
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23. [Ticket No: 860] 0MATERIAL(Info Object) Activation Error from BI Content. :-

0Material activation failed..... for below reasons...


When I am trying to activate 0material from BI Content it is showing errors -


1. Characteristic 0CM_CTAR: Unit 0UNIT_DIM no allowed in compounding.

2. Characteristic 0CM_SHAR: Unit 0AREA_UNIT no allowed in compounding

3. Attribute 0CM_CTAR from characteristic 0CM_CDT1 not (actively) available

4Attribute 0CM_SHAR from characteristic 0CM_CDT1 not (actively) available

It is having error messages like point 3 & 4 up to 0CM_CDT7.....


5. Attribute 0CM_CDT1 from characteristic 0RT_SEAROLL not (actively) available

6. Attribute 0RT_SEAROLL from characteristic 0MATERIAL not (actively) available

7. Hierarchy characteristic 0CM_CDT1 of characteristic 0MATERIAL is not active

8. Hierarchy characteristic 0CM_CDT2 of characteristic 0MATERIAL is not active

9. Hierarchy characteristic 0CM_CDT3 of characteristic 0MATERIAL is not active


Please suggest me the solution of this error.



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24. [Ticket No: 859] Error when activating InfoObject 0EXTMATLGRP :-


I am unable to active infoObject 0EXTMATLGRP. While activating the infoObject, It is showing me errors which are shown below


1. "Error when activating InfoObject 0EXTMATLGRP"

2. "DDIC Object TABL /BI0/SEXTMATLGRP has not been activated"


Can you help me to get solution.

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25. [Ticket No: 858] PROCESS CHAIN PROBLEM :-
 Hi, I?m facing a problem with the triggering to the Process Chains. When I?m creating a new process chain and scheduling it for immediate run using ?Activate"38 Schedule? "F8 the chains fails to start. In "SM37 I can see the following status for BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER in the job log: Job started Step "001 started (program"RSPROCESS variant XXXXX, user ID ALEREMOTE) The "RSPROCESS variant is correct with "WAIT = 0 "38 TYPE = TRIGGER The status of BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER remains "ACTIVE "38 it seems to continue to infinity. The process never seems to continue beyond this point. This problem happens only to the newly built chains, existing chains in the system are working fine. A similar problem exists with Meta chains. I?ve a existing chain to which I?ve attached a new chain as ?Local Process Chain?. The main chain is scheduled for immediate run"38 the local chain as Start using Meta Chain or API? When I run the main chain"F8 it executes fine but as it enters the local chain it seems to hang. (The other branches of the main chain run to completion). "SM37 shows the following status for the local chain: BI_PROCESS_CHAIN as "ACTIVE BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER as"ACTIVE (Job log shows 'Job Started' and no further info) The Job log for BI_PROCESS_CHAIN shows the following: Job started Step "001 started (program "RSPROCESS variant &0000000007829, user ID ALEREMOTE) Communication buffer deleted from previous run 3YD14KALESRSTNM5MHPQ9Z5OW (status X) Version 'M' of chain SP_VENDOR_EVAL_INIT was saved without checking Version 'A' of chain SP_VENDOR_EVAL_INIT was saved without checking The Chain Was Removed From Scheduling Program "RSPROCESS successfully scheduled as job BI_PROCESS_DROPINDEX with ID 07460801 Program "RSPROCESSsuccessfully scheduled as job BI_PROCESS_INDEX with ID 07460801 Program"RSPROCESS successfully scheduled as job BI_PROCESS_LOADING with ID 07460801 Program "RSPROCESS successfully scheduled as job BI_PROCESS_LOADING with ID 07460901 Program "RSPROCESS successfully scheduled as job BI_PROCESS_ODSACTIVAT with ID 07460901 Chain <local chain> Was Activated And Scheduled (The <local chain> has variants for deleting"38 recreating InfoCube Indexes, loading data to Cube "38 ODS, and activating ODS ) It seems the Trigger process of the local chain never completes and so the local chain never runs. Any help to solve this issue will be greatly appreciated. I closed "38 reopened the transaction "38 even logged out of saplogon "38 logged in again. But these steps don?t seem to help much! Except that in my second case mentioned above the status in "SM37 showed only BI_PROCESS_CHAIN as"ACTIVE initially ( without the job BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER ) and after I did my logout "38 login the BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER seems to have started. But nothing more than that so far!! Thanks in advance, Melwyn  
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26. [Ticket No: 857] Process Chain Red 'X', Exec Infopackage Yellow in Log, but Infopackage monitor and data correct :-
 I am experiencing a problem in a process chain when executing infopackages. The process chain has 6 "Execute infopackage" processes. Sometimes (1 of 4 attempts average) my process chain ended with red color with 'X' status in the Process Chain Display Log View. 

Reviewing within the chain Log, there is one of the "Execute infopackage" processes that appears in yellow color (it loads from direct update ODS to an infocube). However, revising the Logs for its corresponding Infopackage execution I found that it says that "Data successfully updated". Moreover, If I review the data loaded it seems to have been loaded correctly. 

Then, Why does the "Execute infopackage" process in PC finishes with yellow color if the Infopackage execution itself finishes correctly? 

To complete the whole scenario: I execute this process chain every night from an Abap program; the program has a Loop that traverses a table, and executes the process chain as many times as the quantity of rows in that table (table has 10 rows meaning offices). As you can understand, the chain is executed 10 times, and the error occurs in any of the 6 "Execute infopackage" processes indistinctly. 

I review ST22 and SM37 for all users for the datetime when the error occurred but nothing bizarre was reported. It os left to review SM21. 

The following is the detail of messages. 

Logs for Execute Infopackage 
Data successfully updated 

Monitor of Infopackage 
Details Tab 
Requests (messages): Everything OK 
Extraction (messages): Everything OK 
Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Everything OK 
Processing (data packet): Everything OK 
Data Package 1 ( 45 Records ) : Everything OK 
Transfer Rules ( 45 -> 45 Records ) : No errors 
Update rules ( 45 -> 45 Records ) : No errors 
Update ( 45 new / 0 changed ) : No errors 
Processing end : No errors 
Process Chains : Errors occurred 
Llena cubos de carteras vtas sec por distrib - autom
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27. [Ticket No: 843] ERROR :-

Dear all,

I am getting the following error in DSO creation , there is dome problem in revenew field . Once I have deleted the revenew field it is working properly. but with the revenew field it is showing following error  

Error 'Overflow converting '192006'' on assignment field REVENUE record 1 value 192006 @35@
Error message during processing in BW


can somebody help me resolve it !!!!!!!!



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28. [Ticket No: 842] DSO data transformation :-

Dear All,

I have created a DSO and didn't get any error during creation but while trying to display data it is showing 0 Record transferred and 0 Record added in manage view of DSO. I am attaching snapshot as well.



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