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SAPExplore offers comprehensive solutions that addresses all aspects of SAP mobility from industry strategy to mobile solutions to technology.

SAP Mobility

SAPExplore provides:

  • SAP Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise with today’s technology platform - Mobile computing, hybrid cloud, and “just-in-time” analytics.
  • Develop Enterprise SAP Mobile Solutions and enable businesses to focus on enhancing their business value proposition by enhancing process efficiencies with push and pull operations via mobile solutions, Event Driven Architecture and SOA.

Cross Industry SAP Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile Sales
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Workflow
  • Mobile Analytics

SAP Mobile Solutions on Utilities, Energy, Telecoms

  • Mobile Service
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Mobile Asset Management

SAP Mobile Solutions on Logistics, Transportation, Warehouse Management

  • Mobile Store
  • Mobile Logistics

We have skilled consultants in SYCLO and Sybase (SUP) to provide the SAP Mobile consulting services

We target to satisfy enterprises by providing Mobile customer benefits from enhanced interaction/visibility through out the process life cycles and help you by providing statistical and event information from mobile devices enriching your company’s just-in-time analytics. We offer comprehensive SAP Mobile solution built on market leading components that can be deployed in weeks v/s months at a competitive price from industry leaders.


SAPExplore provides end-to-end SAP Basis Support with our dedicated team of Basis and NetWeaver experts through constant monitoring and administration.

SAP Basis Support includes:


  • Installation of SAP products
  • Applying SAP Notes
  • SAP Security and profile maintenance
  • Virtualisation
  • Client Copies and maintenance


  • Daily Health checks
  • Output management and Printers
  • Database administration
  • Performance tuning, backup and restore
  • User management and security

Help with our service
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