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SAP! SAP! It’s everywhere, it’s the “in” thing… so let us do the course and we will end up with a rewarding job. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. How would you distinguish between the right institute and the wrong institute? Well! Project trainings cannot be provided in a month or two. Ideal project training should cover training within different project phases. Good institutions are rare so better be aware.

Our aim is to help you become skilled in an industry based business case project. Unlike some companies we don’t believe in making high claims; we believe in delivering best results. We provide projects hands on so one is able to assimilate the learning efficiently. Our concerted efforts and group approach will make the study interactive and fun.

Our highly qualified and experienced SAP Project Trainers are adept in the field of SAP with a passion for teaching. We welcome students from all fields with a bent towards SAP. Students with prior experience will be assessed based on their current knowledge so that we can work on their weak areas. Students can get in touch with the coordinator or teacher anytime. We here provide answers for some of the most pressing problems or challenges in SAP.

As we believe in not only educating you with SAP but also helping you to find a future with it. You will soon see for yourself that your money and time was worth it. Contact us at info@sapexplore.com or sapeducation@sapexplore.com

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SAP Module Knowledge is required to start with us on the Project training. Three levels of Project Training are offered depending on your needs and your knowledge and experience in SAP:

  • Level 1 certification is for starters who have just finished their module learning.
  • Level 2 certification is designed for skilled SAP consultants who have deep subject knowledge in their module.
  • Level 3 certification is aimed at advanced users who have deep knowledge in their module as well as have some experience in SAP.

Once we assess your profile a dedicated project trainer will advise from which certification program a student should start.


A monthly payment of 150 GBP runs for approximately 6 months for a Level 3 certification and grants:

  • Industry selection such as FMCG, Oil an Gas, Pharmaceutical, Automobiles depending on the student’s experience.
  • 2 Months training on the Blueprint phase – Requirement Gathering, writing of detail design documents and workflow scenarios.
  • 2 Months training on the Realisation phase – Configuration of SAP system based on the documents designed, Writing of Functional specs, working with ABAP consultants.
  • 1 month on the Testing and cutover phase – Preparation of Unit, Integration and Business test scripts, executing test scenarios, Understanding of master and transaction data and writing the data migration scripts.
  • 1 month on doing recap, CV and Interview preparation.

There will be face to face meeting for UK students after every project phase to review and learning. The trainees do not enter into a payment contract and can quit anytime they want. There will be no questions asked however the payment already made is not refundable.


  • Once the student is satisfied with the program he/she will agree on a date of monthly run and register free on SAPExplore account.
  • Two forms of payment are provided:
    • Credit card: We accept most credit card providers through PayPal.
    • Directly from PayPal to PayPal.

  • Once the registration and student evaluation is complete, students will receive a welcome pack and a dedicated project trainer will be assigned.
  • Once the 1st payment is received and a payment cycle is agreed the project document will be sent and project learning will start.

SAP Access

For SAP IDES Access please visit our IDES section page
We encourage all our trainees to use the IDES access from us since our trainers will have access to the same server and rebuilding the config, solving an SAP problem by reproducing makes it much more collaborative and interactive.


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