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IDES Access Policies


  • Support Services:Services provided to support the SAP user account.
  • Account:User ID assigned when SAP support services are purchased for a specific system
  • System:Server running SAP evaluation software.
  • Client:You always need a client number to logon to SAP, each SAP system landscape requires a client where Customizing settings and ABAP Workbench developments can be made.
  • ABAP:SAP Programming language.
  • BASIS:SAP System administration service.
  • RFC Destinations:Connections established between different SAP/Non SAP systems.

I agree with the following terms and conditions on purchase of services from SAPExplore:

1. I do not intend to copy, sell or distribute any information I receive while I access evaluation SAP software.

2. Though the systems have full functionality, all SAP instances are INITIAL license evaluation.

3. The account will be discontinued or cancelled without money refund if I abuse the technical support team or any individual in support.

4. The payment made to SAPExplore does not include the actual IDES access as it comes free .The payment made to SAPExplore will include professional services that support evaluation SAP systems.

5. My intention to use SAPExplore Support services is to access evaluation SAP software for reference and personal purpose

6. The liabilities for SAPExplore is limited to one month of payment for one month of basis support services and that it does not carry any other liabilities.

7. Complete refund of payment will be issued within 10 calendar days from the time of payment amount received by SAPExplore if the company was unable to provide quality service.

8. Technical support provided through round-the-clock ticket system is at the website and I will provide detailed steps required for the problem occurred to the team so that the issue is resolved in time. The resolved tickets with no customer reply will be closed after 24 hours.

9. SAPExplore does not solve IMG configuration issues within support services provided nor provides any desktop support. Any such kind of request that is outside the basis support components would be charged as an additional fee based on our standard charges. Such additional support should be pre-approved and pre-paid. Basis support services are restricted to the SAP system only.

10. The company does not provide any kind of support with issues related to my computer, which includes the SAP GUI installation.

11. The prices are subject to change without prior notice and will be reflected on the next order I create.

12. The validity of the monthly account is for 30 days from the moment it is activated by the technical support team and they cannot be put on hold or postponed. 

13. With respect to rules of accessing the system I agree that:

  • A limit of 70000 records of data can be transferred within systems.
  • There is no permission to share an account. One account is assigned to only a single individual. The account will be locked at the very notice without refund of money if this policy is violated.
  • Be it client creation or deletion, change in profile or USER creation – no permission for BASIS transactions are permitted under any system. Unless the users bear specific roles for testing and not SAP ALL profile, the user creation is not prohibited. It will be considered as violation of policy if users are created in the special systems with SAP ALL profile.
  • Changes to RFC destinations and Logical systems are prohibited.
  • System failure actions like destructive ABAP code, client deletion or any action leading to system not being stable or permanent will not be tolerated.

14. I specifically agree that my account will be discontinued with no money refund if I violate any policy statement mentioned.

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