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PO cannot be released
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Hello Guys,
A PO has been created using standard PO type instead of Service PO type and so it cannot be released. so please help me how to change the po type from standard to service? is it possible or we have to delete the po and create a new one?
By SANTHOSH NAIDU On 09/10/2017 At 02:42 PM
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once PO created with a particular document type it's one way creation. it's not possible.

By Hamid Sai On 10/11/2017 At 03:20 AM
It is not possible to change PO type once PO is created, if possible cancel the PO created with standard PO and recreate PO with another PO type.
By NARESH VATTIPALLI On 14/12/2017 At 07:38 AM