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SAPExplore announces a partnership program with selected thought leaders !

SAPExplore announces a partnership program with selected thought leaders in the SAP explore community, where contributors will write blogs, tips or tricks, share their experience and success stories as promoted posts on SAPExplore. This initiative will invigorate the current content proposition for the users and make your visit to SAPExplore  even more valuable and sticky. 

The selected thought leaders has already been sent an invitation letter from me and I am extremely grateful for the overwhelming response we have received. While unfortunately we will not be able to include all the respondents in the first phase of this program, we will look at extending this pool people to incorporate all the requests in very near future.

I will be publishing the profile details of the selected individuals by 14th of November along with pictures and brief bio. Over the period of next weeks you will see their contributions on SAPExplore and I hope you will like the contributions really beneficial and interesting read.

So stay tuned for our launch of this program on 14th and please feel free to get in touch if you have a query or a suggestion for SAPExplore community, I would welcome your inputs.


Faraz Mohsin

CEO, SAPExplore

Posted On : 08/11/2014
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