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Can we search problems on the site ?
yes, the search bar is provided on the Main Page of the site. By choosing the relevant category you can search anything available on the site. the search would work effectively only after logging in.
How SAP Problem Tracker works ?
Its simple. Click on the Problem Tracker after logging in. Choose ''Post a Problem'' and then based on the module and topic a problem can be posted. the moment it is posted the status of the site is changed to ''In Process''
What are the modules covered on the site ?
We cover all the modules which includes SD, MM, PS, FI, CO, PM, PP, CRM, SRM, WM. We continuously upload new modules and topics from time to time
How is it different from other SAP sites ?
1 The distinguishing feature of SAPExplore is its Problem Tracker which monitors the status of issues posted on the site so you can get timely alerts on your email. the Tracker will keep you updated till your problem is resolved completely. 2 A user can also attach the screen-shots of the Problems while posting issues on the site. 3 The My Page Option summarizes all the activities of the owner which includes the SAP problems posted and the responses made. 4 With the Problem Tracker SAPexplore also gives an option to connect to people professionally and check their activities on the site. 5 There is an upload document feature which can be uploaded by anyone. Its provided to be shared between users.
What we offer on SapExplore ?
SAP Professional Networking, Problem Tracker, Post Documents, Post Article through our Blog feature, Make SAP Associates
Help with our service
If you experience problems or concerns when using this service, please contact our customer service team at :

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