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The internet provides a wealth of information to SAP users who post sometimes the most challenging questions  and we must thank all the wonderful people who have offered tireless support by posting such well though out responses. I for sure in the early days found the internet my #1 research tool !
When using the internet to research your subject matter, its important to validate the information you find. 
As a recent example, I was asked by a user new to MM if I could confirm the answer to the following typical SAP MM exam question,  this user found was that answers 1 and 3 were correct...or were they ?
You post a GR in to stock for a purchase order item for which the indicator Free item is set. The material has a material master record and a material type for which the quantity and values are updated. The price control parameter has the value Standard price for the material. To which general ledger accounts are the posting made? 
  1. Stock account
  2. Consumption account
  3. GR/IR clearing account
  4. Price difference account

To thoroughly understand any question posed do your research but support your research by testing the theory . In this instance  create a PO and check the 'FREE ITEM' field, create an identical PO WITHOUT the FREE ITEM field checked then go and compare the FI documents you created via PO history.
A gold star to anyone who responds with the correct answer.

On : 11/11/2014

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